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Academic Honesty Wiki


Academic Honesty Policy: The Staff at W.A.E.C. believe it is our job to teach students how to
be honest researchers and users of information. Plagiarism is one way students can cheat on
their assignments and be dishonest. Plagiarism means copying ideas, sentences, paragraphs
and pictures you find on the Internet, in books or magazines, and submitting them as your own
work. Consequences for plagiarizing will be a zero grade on the assignment and may result in
further action by the teacher and school. Teachers expect students to use information honestly
for all assignments.

Why is Academic Honesty important?

  • to respect intellectual property and intellectual property laws
  • it's important to show that you understand the information; that you haven't just copy and pasted it
  • it's important to show you know how to choose reliable sources of information.

For more information please visit the Winnipeg Adult Education Centre Library @ 310 Vaughan St.